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Welcome to 2015!

2015 Zenfolio Showreel

Welcome to a new year! And with that, I have a new video for you to exemplify what Zenfolio is all about. It’s hard to go into long exposition on why Zenfolio is used by so many photographers who run a business. But images do speak a thousand words, and this video says it all on that subject.

For those looking to know more, I always recommend learning by doing.  Sign up for a trial and test it out. If you need help, contact our 24/7 support department, or join one of the many webinars I run to get you going on using Zenfolio. 

Justin Miller
Senior Technical Evangelist

Getting Started

A photography portfolio begins by presenting your best work. Upload photos and video through your web browser or plug-ins to photos management tools. Migrate multiple directories from your hard drive or even other online hosting systems.

Photos must be in a JPEG, PNG, TIFF or GIF format with a maximum files size of 64 megs for a standard premium account. Your original photos will be stored by us for download anytime, and resized versions are generated to be viewed from your website.

Watch this video to learn the basics in uploading your photos to a gallery and tailoring it for viewing by your clients. You'll even see how to contact your client by e-mail to let them know the gallery is ready to be viewed.


Organizing Galleries

Photos and video are stored in galleries underneath your ALL PHOTOGRAPHS group. Settings on this group define your defaults for all other groups, galleries, and photos.

Consider creating multiple groups under ALL PHOTOGRAPHS to organize your galleries within. Everything under ALL PHOTOGRAPHS can be rearranged by dragging and dropping into a new order. You can also move or copy galleries into different groups, and photos into different galleries.

This video walks you through the basics of organizing your photos into groups and galleries, tag them for SEO, and add the links to your site menu.

Creating a Public Portfolio


Home Page Slideshow

Your home page slideshow is the first thing visitors see when coming to your website. This can also be replaced with a single photos, video, or slideshow of videos.

No matter what you choose, create a gallery specifically for the slideshow. The first item in the gallery used, determines the aspect ratio for what appears on the home page. Your best option is to crop all your photos to the same aspect ratio. The gallery thumbnail can be hidden from visitors so the gallery itself is never found. This video will show you how.

The Home Page Slideshow


Designing a Site Theme

By default your Home Page theme becomes the theme used for your entire website. There are a number of professionally designed themes available to quickly select and apply. However, you may want to create a new theme in order to present a truly unique website.

You may want to start this new theme from scratch. Or you may choose to use a Zenfolio theme as a starting point, making changes as necessary. Our Theme Designer allows you to configure every element of your website, from backgrounds to thumbnails.

Watch this video to learn how to use Theme Designer to create your own theme.


Editing the Site Menu

Beyond groups, galleries, and collections there are many built-in pages that make up your website.  You can make all your pages more easily accessible by adding links to them in your site menu.

Most site menus are kept to five or seven links. You may also choose to include dropdown menus with many more links. Links may access groups, galleries and collections, built-in pages as well as custom pages you have created, links to uploaded PDF files, and external links to sites not part of your Zenfolio account.

This video walks you through the process of adding these links to the site menu.


Aquiring a Domain Name

Purchase a domain name to have a unique online presence for your photography portfolio. You’ll need to do this from a registrar and direct the domain name to your Zenfolio hosting provider.

This process requires the “A” name of “@” be set to “” and the “CNAME” of “www” set to “custom.zenfolio.com.” Some registrars such as iwantmyname.com will have instant 1-click setup options to simplify the process. Once configured, you’ll still need to test the DNS Setup for your Custom Domain.

This video demonstrates setting up your domain name at the registrar godaddy.com

Custom Domain Name